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At The Gift Card Registry, customers are our top priority and we want to ensure your satisfaction.
Do you have a question for us? Check out our list of common topics and FAQs.

  • Splitting a gift card
  • Renewing a gift card
  • Lost or stolen gift cards
  • Return policy
  • Becoming a vendor

Kindly call customer service if your question was not answered from the FAQs listed below.

1. Why should I buy a gift card?

The Gift Card Registry is unique in that the value of the card is just the beginning. Beautiful boxes, attractive wrappings and fabulous presentations make The Gift Card Registry a gift card you will be delighted to give! This valuable card, which is accepted at over 150 Lakewood businesses can be purchased in any denomination you choose and is the only gift card where the recipient gets the full value of the card. Give it in our signature felt pouch, or your choice of elaborate boxes and embellishments personalized to suite your unique style. For a customized presentation the card’s packaging can be designed for your teachers, therapists, babysitters, teens, daughters in law etc. However you choose to present your card, you will be giving an elegant, valuable and useful gift. When just a gift card won’t do, make it personal. Give “The Gift of Choice”.

2.Who is The Gift Card Registry for?

Everyone – Men, women, teenagers, grandparents, teachers, therapists, employees, Bar mitzvah boys, graduates… Guaranteed to satisfy all.

3. How do I buy a gift card?

Place your order online with our user friendly website, or call our customer service representatives for assistance.

4.Do the cards expire?

Gift cards expire 5 years after the month of purchase. At The Gift Card Registry we strive to satisfy our customers. Please reach out to us for questions regarding expired cards.

5. Where can I use a gift card?

Your gift card is redeemable for merchandise or services in the below listed stores only. It cannot be exchanged for cash.
Click here to view stores

6. Can I split my gift card?

Sure. Visit our office with your original gift card and we will be glad to split it into any denominations for your personal use only. Please be aware that The Gift Card Registry will not re-wrap split cards.

7. Can I re-give a gift card?

Due to the services involved in the nature of gift card giving, gift cards are for personal use only.

8. Are there exchanges on gift cards?

The purchaser of the gift card has 3 months from the time of purchase to exchange the card for equal or greater value only.

9. Do you offer delivery?

Yes. Delivery in Lakewood, NJ is $7.00
Click here to view shipping chart

10. Can the gift card be mailed?

Yes. Mailing with packaging is $6.00, mailing without packaging is $2.00 per card.
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11.Do any stores out of Lakewood accept the gift card?

This is a business unique to Lakewood and The Gift Card Registry is only accepted by stores in Lakewood, NJ.

12. Do I need to use a gift card in one shopping spree?

No, you can split your card before use at The Gift Card Registry. Visit our office where we will gladly split it into any denomination for your personal use. Once used in a store, that store will issue a credit for the remaining balance.

13. Do you replace lost or stolen gift cards?

Unfortunately, The Gift Card Registry cannot replace lost or stolen gift cards.

14. Can I set up an account for a few people to add to?

Yes, (add group gifting link) or kindly call our customer service for assistance.

15. Is there a charge to purchase a gift card?

There is a 3% processing fee on your total when using a credit card. Otherwise there are no other hidden taxes or fees.

16. Is there a charge to use a card in a store?

No. The amount on your card is the full amount you can redeem in a store.

17. How can by business become a participating member of The Gift Card Registry?

Thank you for expressing interest in The Gift Card Registry. We are looking forward to a pleasant experience together! For more information please reach out to us by phone or email – 732.730.2321 or info@giftcardregistrynj.com.